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Working with antigen-specific T cells in immuno-oncology

Antigen specific activation of T cells
Antigen specific activation of T cells

Analysis of antigen-specific T cells is essential for the understanding of fundamental immunological processes. In immuno-oncology, they facilitate discovery of neo-antigens, but are also viewed as important immunotherapy effectors. Their ability to recognize and kill cancer cells make them an ideal target for immuno-oncology research. 

However,  working with antigen-specific T cells poses several challenges to researchers. Especially their low frequencies as rare cell population often hampers a reliable analysis. Specificity, inflammatory environment, subtype, as well as detection limit and background are determining factors and thus require optimized procedures in order to facilitate a successful experiment.

Miltenyi Biotec offers a complete research workflow tailored to enable analysis of these rare cell populations.

Antigen-specific T cell analysis

Our solutions for antigen-specific T cell analysis include:

  • Antigen-specific stimulation with PepTivator® Peptide Pools
  • Enrichment based on specific activation marker expression of CD137 and CD154
  • Flow analysis with minimal background using REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies
  • Convenient and reproducible cytokine analysis with Flow Cytometry Kits
  • Rare cell GMP-compliant flow sorting using the MACSQuant® Tyto Cell Sorter

Discover the complete workflow including application data

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