Easy preparation of single nuclei suspensions from tissue

Are you looking for an easy, fast, and reliable method for extracting nuclei from tissue?

Our Nuclei Extraction Buffer enables the generation of high quality and high yield nuclei suspensions from a wide range of fresh and frozen tissues. The Nuclei Extraction Buffer works in combination with the gentleMACS™ Dissociators and C Tubes and is ideal for downstream molecular analysis

Accelerated and simplified single nuclei extraction, the proof is in the data 

Preparation of single nuclei suspensions from mouse brain and tumors

Fresh and frozen tissue nuclei yields

Regardless if fresh or frozen, high yields of nuclei can be obtained from samples using the Nuclei Extraction Buffer in combination with the gentleMACS Octo Dissociator. 

Preparation of single nuclei suspensions from snap frozen mouse tissue and OCT embedded human tumors

Wide range of tissue types and high nuclei yields

No matter the tissue type, high numbers of nuclei can be extracted using the Nuclei Extraction Buffer. Here we show the high nuclei yields from dissociated snap frozen mouse liver, heart and kidney and from OCT embedded human tumors, including melanoma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostatic cancer.

Nuclei extracted with the Nuclei Extraction Buffer maintain RNA integrity

Maintaining RNA integrity after extraction

Single nuclei sequencing applications require high quality single nuclei suspensions. Performed in a cold environment, our method allows the obtention of intact nuclei with highly preserved RNA for optimal subsequent genomic applications.

Extract nuclei in seven minutes from eight tissue samples in parallel


Nuclei Extraction Buffer

Designed for the easiest and most standardized generation of single nuclei suspensions.

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