Exosome research solutions for infectious diseases

Exosome research solutions for infectious diseases

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles (EVs) involved in intercellular communication and known to reflect the physio-pathological condition of the parent cell. They are considered possible players in viral transmission and immune response modulation. Furthermore, their potential role as diagnostic biomarkers and delivery vehicles for drugs and vaccines is currently under investigation. 

Learn more about our exosome research solutions:

Exosome isolation  
with Exosome Isolation Kits, human 

Isolate highly pure exosomes without the need for ultracentrifugation.

• Targeted immunomagnetic isolation based on
CD9, CD63, CD81, or all three makers combined 
• Isolation from cell culture supernatant or body fluids
• Input sample volumes starting from 0.5 mL 
• Fast (<2 h) protocol

Exosome analysis 
with MACSPlex Exosome Kit, human 

Perform a comprehensive semi-quantitative analysis of exosome markers (e.g. immunology epitopes).

• Bead-based flow cytometry assay  
• Analysis of 37 surface markers in parallel
• No pre-enrichment necessary 
• Fast (<2 h) and easy protocol  

Our kits make a difference

Plasma exosomes isolated with our Exosome Isolation Kits* and analyzed with the MACSPlex Exosome Kit reveal strong signals in comparison to exosomes isolated by ultracentrifugation.

Discover how our research solutions successfully support scientists to investigate exosomes

Check out this scientific publication to learn how the MACSPlex Exosome Kit, human can help you to distinguish exosomes which originated from different immune cells: 

  • Koliha N. et al. (2016) A novel multiplex bead-based platform highlights the diversity of extracellular vesicles. (PMID: 26901056)

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