TheraSorb sFlt-1 device training for investigators participating in the SAVE Trial

Proof-of-concept trial on selective removal of the antiangiogenic factor soluble Fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 (sFlt-1) in pregnant women with preeclampsia via apheresis utilizing the Flt-1 adsorption column

The participation in this device training and the passing of the associated questionnaire/ test is compulsory before trial submission to the REC and/or the applicable R&D.  All investigators who will be performing the apheresis treatments will in addition be thoroughly trained on the device before the first trial treatment.  


sFlt-1–specific apheresis

Watch this presentation by Dr. Thomas Schreiner about a specific apheresis procedure as part of a training in the framework of the SAVE trial for gynecologists and neonatologists.

Questions about the webinar 

Please complete the questionnaire and send the signed and dated document to the following fax number: +49-(0)2204-8306-6699. Alternatively, please send a scan of the completed, signed and dated document to  

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