Automated manufacturing of CAR NK cells

Live webinar

This webinar will review the current status of CAR NK cell-based immunotherapy. Martha Elia Luevano Salinas, global product manager NK cells, will discuss different strategies used to generate CAR NK cells for immunotherapy and current approaches boosting CAR NK cell cytotoxicity. 

Finally, introduction to the new CliniMACS Prodigy Platform, a unique platform that allows generation of gene-modified CAR NK cells in a standardized and fully automated fashion.



Register for session 1: September 10, 2019Register for session 2: September 12, 2019
Berlin, Germany (GMT+02:00) – 7:00 PM CET
New York, NY, USA (GMT-04:00) – 1:00 PM EDT
San Francisco, CA, USA (GMT-07:00) – 10:00 AM PST
Berlin, Germany (GMT+02:00) – 10:00 AM CET
London, United Kingdom (GMT+01:00) –  9:00 AM GMT
Singapore, Singapore (GMT+08:00) – 4:00 PM  

Presenter: Martha Elia Luevano Salinas, Global product manager NK cells, Miltenyi Biotec Germany