MACS Academy

Neuroscience research: Refined technologies for investigation of neural cells from neonatal and adult brain

This 2-day training course focusses on enabling and improving cellular and molecular studies of neuronal and glial cells. The course provides hands-on experience in techniques required to isolate and analyze defined cell populations from early postnatal to adult brain. Encompassing theoretical presentations and practical lab sessions, participants will be introduced to improved ways of tissue preparation, purification of primary neural cells with magnetic cell separation, and basic cell analysis with flow cytometry. These methods greatly reduce the overall cell preparation time from days or weeks to a few hours. They can be applied in every cell culture laboratory and will help to improve sample quality for reliable and reproducible results in neuroscience research.


Course lectures and exercises include:

  • Introduction to tissue preparation techniques
  • Introduction to magnetic cell separation
  • Basics of flow cytometry
  • Overview about brain tissue dissociation and separation/analysis of the different neural cell types
  • Cultivation of neonatal and adult neural cells
  • Discussion and trouble-shooting with experienced users from R&D

 Practical laboratory parts include:

  • Neonatal and adult neural tissue dissociation
  • Magnetic cell separation (e.g. neonatal neurons and adult astrocytes as examples for neural cell separation)
  • Flow cytometric cell analysis

Learning objectives

  • Be able to prepare single cell suspensions from neonatal and adult neural tissue
  • Learn how to magnetically separate cells with manual and automated techniques
  • Understand principles and advantages of flow cytometry and its applications
  • Be able to setup flow cytometry analyses for neural cells

Training dates and locations

MACS Academy Bergisch Gladbach/Cologne, Germany