Reliable analysis of tumor subpopulations

Performing research with tumor samples brings special challenges. Samples can be heterogeneous, difficult to dissociate, and complex to analyze. Olaf Hardt, R&D Project Manager at Miltenyi Biotec, demonstrates in this webinar a standardized tumor analysis workflow and shares tips to get the most reliable data from your samples. See how gentle and standardized tumor dissociation conserves cell surface epitopes for downstream analysis. Learn how flow cytometry, a powerful yet underrepresented method in tumor analysis, provides fast and reliable results.

Dissociation and isolation of tumor cells

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MACS Academy: Dissociation & isolation of solid tumor cells for optimized downstream analysis

In this webinar, Dr. Olaf Hardt introduces you to an optimized workflow for the isolation of tumor cell subpopulations and tumor-infiltrating leukocytes enabling their reliable analysis by flow cytometry or NGS.

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