miRXplore Universal Reference

miRXplore Universal Reference

The miRXplore Universal Reference is an equimolar pool of more than 950 single-stranded synthetic RNA oligonucleotides matching mature microRNAs. It represents a reliable and comprehensive microRNA reference.


This product and its use are covered by one or more patents owned by Oxford Gene Technology Limited or Oxford Gene Technology IP Limited (together "OGT"): US 6, 054, 270; EP 0, 373, 203; JP 3, 393, 528 and 3, 386, 391 and pending patents. The purchaser is licensed to practice methods and processes covered by these patents using this product, but may not: transfer data derived from the use of this product to third parties for value; use this product to make, have made, create, or contribute to the creation of stand-alone expression database product for license, sale, or other transfer to a third party for value; or use this product for the identification of antisense reagents or the empirical design of probes or sets of probes for using or making nucleic acid arrays.


For miRNA microarray experiments, the miRXplore Universal Reference can be used as:
  • Reference
  • Hybridization control
  • Quality control for microarrays
  • Positive control for microRNA cloning experiments
  • Absolute quantification of microRNAs
Moreover, the reference can be used for real-time PCR applications, for example, as positive control and quantification tool.
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