Optimized storage and dissociation of any tumor tissue 

  • Epitope preservation of cell surface markers
  • Up to 48 hours storage of dissected tumor tissue
  • Protocols for virtually any tumor source

Tumor tissue storage

Comparison of single cells yields from tissue stored using either MACS Tissue Storage Solution or competitor products
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Optimized storage of tumor tissue

Need to store freshly dissected tumor tissue? The MACS® Tissue Storage Solution enables storage of tissue for up to 48 hours without compromising viability or causing unwanted effects like cell activation or apoptosis.

Dissociation of tumor tissue

The gentleMACS™ Family of tissue dissociators is designed to ensure rapid and standardized dissociation of tissue samples into single-cell suspensions. No matter the tumor entity, gentleMACS Technology is gentle on cells and provides excellent cell viability and functionality for further downstream cell separation, analysis, or culture.

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Dissociation of tumor tissue (mouse) with the gentleMACS Dissociator

Watch how the gentleMACS DIssociator can help speed up your workflow of dissociating tumor tissue.

Preservation of cell surface epitopes

Knowing your epitopes is a prerequisite for many downstream applications, including cell separation, flow analysis, and cell sorting. Our guaranteed lot-consistent enzymatic activities prevent the unpredicted loss of cell surface epitopes. We have generated epitope lists for the Tumor Dissociation Kit, mouse and Tumor Dissociation Kit, human that include more than 200 epitopes, which were analyzed after dissociation with these kits.

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Application note
Epitope preservation list (mouse)

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Application note
Epitope preservation list (human)

Isolation of tumor subpopulations after tissue dissociation

Cell isolation from primary tumor tissue using MACS Technology delivers highly viable and pure cells. The combination of MACS MicroBeads, Columns, and manual or automated magnetic separators provide the perfect tool set for high recoveries and purities. Gentle isolation ensures viable and functional cells for any downstream analysis. For more detailed applications, also visit the section on untouched tumor cell isolation.

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A complete workflow for isolating pure tumor cell populations from primary tissue for improved downstream analyses

Listen to the lecture delivered by Dr. Olaf Hardt during Tri-Con 2016 at the Moscone North Conference Center, San Francisco, CA, and learn more about isolating pure tumor cell populations from primary tissue and subsequent isolation of pure tumor cells using immunomagnetic cell isolation.

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Application note
Mouse cell depletion from patient-derived xenograft brain tumors and isolation of glial cancer stem cells

Jeremy Rich Lab, Cleveland Clinic, USA
Tyler E. Miller, Stephen C. Mack, and Jeremy N. Rich

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