Gentle immune tissue dissociation

  • Rapid generation of viable, single-cell suspensions from immune tissues
  • Preservation of cell surface epitopes
  • Time-saving, reproducible assays

Tissue dissociation with the gentleMACS Dissociator and Dissociation Kits

We have developed tissue dissociation kits for the gentle and rapid generation of single-cell suspensions from immune tissues. They are optimized to yield high numbers of leukocytes, while preserving all cell surface epitopes. In combination with the gentleMACS Dissociators, they allow for time-saving and reproducible preparation of viable, single-cell suspensions.

Lamina Propria Dissociation Kit, mouse

Whole Skin Dissociation Kit, human

Spleen Dissociation Kit, mouse

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How to prepare lamina propria from mouse small intestine

Find out how to easily prepare lamina propria tissue with help of the gentleMACS Dissociator.

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Preparation of viable, single-cell suspensions from mouse lung tissue

Watch how the gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters can improve your workflow for the preparation of singl-cell suspensions.

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