MACS PICK UP POINT uses Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology to report the unit status in real time. For example, withdrawal of products, current inventory levels, temperature, expiration dates, and even if the door is not closed properly are transferred in real time to Miltenyi Biotec’s status monitors using an internet connection via LAN, DSL, or UMTS.

Every time the door is closed, MACS PICK UP POINT scans the current inventory. The system can recognize if an RFID-tagged product has been withdrawn or put back into the unit.

Technical detail (Europe)

External dimensions: 1010H × 595W × 620D mm
Space required: 1010H × 595W × 1270D mm
Energy supply: 230 V
Weight: ca. 75 kg

Technical detail (US)

External dimensions: 42H × 24W × 26D in 
Space required: 42H × 24W × 47D in
Energy supply: 120 V
Weight: ca. 165 lbs