Flowlogic™ V7 + Beadlogic™ Annual License Key

Flowlogic™ V7 + Beadlogic™ Annual License Key

The Flowlogic™ Software is an intuitive and powerful analysis software for flow cytometry. It is designed to work seamlessly in all JAVA-supported operating systems such as Windows
, Mac OS
X, and Linux
. The optional Flowlogic add-on Beadlogic™ is especially designed for the analysis of multiplex immunoassays such as measuring protein concentration from supernatant and facilitates an easy analysis and graphing of the data.
Flowlogic™ is an intuitive software truly revolutionizing the way you are analyzing and presenting your data. The software allows the creation of graphs directly and provides live statistical analyses. If you need to adjust a gate or setting, all graphs and statistical tests are updated automatically. Moreover, Flowlogic is programmed to work with large amounts of data sets and file sizes, while advanced data array analysis functions provide unique display options. For instance, the heat map function analyzes big amounts of data fast and efficiently. In addition, the software offers batch analysis, flexible gating, auto compensation, overlays, and more.
Beadlogic™ is a powerful add-on for Flowlogic that is especially made for the analysis of multiplex immunoassays. Its advanced algorithms for curve fitting, for example the 5-parameter logistic (5PL) curve, make accurate calculations of target concentrations an easy task. Furthermore, Beadlogic offers a full spectrum of analysis tools including options like customizable heat maps, integrated statistics, as well as automatic graphing and reporting of your data.

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The annual license key functions similar to the perpetual license key, that ties your Flowlogic™ and Beadlogic™ Software to one particular computer at a time without requiring a USB dongle. If needed, the license code can be detached from the computer to be used on a different device. But, the same license number cannot be used on different devices at the same time. However, the license is only valid for one year. This is a cost-effective option for labs analyzing data for a defined period of time.
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