MACS® Manual Separators overview

Versatile magnetic separators for cell isolation

MiniMACS™ and OctoMACS™ Separators

MiniMACS (right) and OctoMACS (left) Separators
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The MiniMACS Separator is the standard device for small-scale cell separations when used with MS Columns or Large Cell Columns. The OctoMACS Separator allows the simultaneous separation of up to eight samples.

MidiMACS™ and QuadroMACS™ Separators

MidiMACS (right) and QuadroMACS (left) Separators
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The MidiMACS Separator was developed for separation of larger samples using LS Columns, LD Columns, or Whole Blood Columns. The QuadroMACS Separator allows the simultaneous separation of up to four samples.

MACS Separator Starting Kits

Get an easy start with MACS Separator Starting Kits, which contain the hardware and consumables that are essential for cell separation, i.e., separator, columns, and one cell separation reagent of choice. Starting into MACS MicroBeads Technology, you can choose between MiniMACS, OctoMACS, MidiMACS, and QuadroMACS Starting Kits, or the Mini & MidiMACS Starting Kit, which includes two separators for greater flexibility.

For the isolation of cells using StraightFrom® Whole Blood MicroBeads, you can choose between the Whole Blood MidiMACS and the Whole Blood QuadroMACS Starting Kit. For untouched cell isolation from whole blood, the MACSxpress Starting Kit is the best choice. The kit contains a MACSmix Tube Rotator, a MACSxpress Separator, and one MACSxpress Cell Isolation Kit – all you need to isolate your cells of interest from an anticoagulated whole blood sample in a single step.

MACSxpress® Separator

MACSxpress Separator
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MACSxpress Technology enables untouched cell isolation from up to 30 mL of anticoagulated whole blood without density gradient centrifugation in a single step.

VarioMACS™ Separator

VarioMACS Separator
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The VarioMACS Separator can be used in combination with MS Columns, LS Columns, LD Columns, CS Columns, and Whole Blood Columns.

SuperMACS™ II Separator

SuperMACS II Separator
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Developed for large-scale cell separations, the SuperMACS II Separator can be used in combination with any MACS Column for manual cell separation.

MACSiMAG™ Separator

MACSiMAG Separator
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The MACSiMAG Separator is designed for the removal of MACSiBead™ Particles from cell suspensions.


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