Fast, efficient, and reliable cell isolation from whole blood

  • No density-gradient centrifugation
  • Minimized cell loss, optimal for small blood volumes
  • Easy and safe handling of hazardous samples

Fully automated cell separation with the autoMACS® Pro Separator

Isolate cells directly from whole blood or bone marrow while avoiding red blood cell lysis and density gradient centrifugation steps. The Whole Blood MicroBeads are simply added to blood samples treated with anticoagulant; leukocyte subsets are subsequently purified by using the autoMACS Pro Separator.

The purified cells are well-suited for further flow cytometric analysis, molecular biology studies, such as lineage-specific chimerism analysis, and functional studies. Whole Blood MicroBeads are available for CD3+, CD4+, CD8+, CD14+, CD15+, CD19+, CD33+, CD45+, CD56+, or CD138+ cells.

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Cell separation from whole blood with the autoMACS Pro Separator

With the autoMACS Pro Separator and Whole Blood MicroBeads it is possible to isolate pure cell populations of interest from whole blood or bone marrow samples very easily within 30 minutes. 

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