StraightFrom® Leukopak CD8 MicroBead Kit, human

Leukopak CD8 MicroBead Kit
, human

The StraightFrom
Leukopak MicroBead Kit was developed for the rapid positive selection of CD8
cells directly from Leukopak using the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus for semi-automated separation. No sample preparation is required, including density gradient centrifugation, erythrocyte lysis, or cell count. Multi-24 Column Block and Whole Blood Column Elution Buffer are included in the kit to allow direct processing of a 1/2 Leukopak.

Background information

In blood, the CD8 antigen is expressed on human cytotoxic T cells and on a subset of CD16
NK cells. The CD8 antigen acts as an accessory molecule in the recognition of MHC class I/peptide complexes by the TCR heterodimer on CD8
cytotoxic T cells.

Detailed separation procedure

A Leukopak sample is labeled with StraightFrom
Leukopak CD8 MicroBeads and loaded onto Multi-24 Column Block, which is placed in the magnetic field of a MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus or a MACS
Separator. After removing the column from the magnetic field, the magnetically retained CD4
T cells can be eluted as the positively selected cell fraction.

Downstream applications

The purified CD8
cells are well suited for further flow cytometric, functional, or molecular analysis.


Multi-24 Column Block
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StraightFrom Leukopak CD8 MicroBead Kit, human

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