Pluripotent Stem Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

Pluripotent Stem Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

The Pluripotent Stem Cell Isolation Kit has been specifically designed for the depletion of early differentiated cells from mouse ES and iPS cell cultures. Based on a novel marker that discriminates between pluripotent and early differentiated cells, the kit guarantees the fast and easy isolation of homogeneous ES and iPS cell populations.

Background information

Expression of markers, such as the transcription factors Oct-4 and Nanog or the surface carbohydrate SSEA-1 (CD15), are mainly used to characterize pluripotency of mouse cells on a molecular level. Nevertheless, expression dynamics of these markers are rather low, limiting their potential to discriminate between pluripotent and early differentiated cells. Our scientists have identified a cell surface marker that is strongly up-regulated during the early differentiation of mouse ES and iPS cells in culture. The novel Pluripotent Stem Cell Isolation Kit, mouse, was established on this basis and allows to easily deplete the early differentiated cells resulting in homogeneous pluripotent stem cell cultures.

Downstream applications

Depletion of early differentiated cells enables:
  • standardized pluripotent stem cell culture
  • standardized pluripotent stem cell differentiation experiments
  • profiling of pluripotent stem cells without contamination of differentiated cells
  • efficient generation of transgenic mice using pluripotent stem cells


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