Regulatory B Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

Regulatory B Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

The Regulatory B Cell Isolation Kit was developed for the isolation of viable IL-10-producing regulatory B cells from single-cell suspensions of lymphoid organs.

Detailed procedure

The isolation of regulatory B cells is performed in three steps. First, B cells are pre-enriched by depletion of non-B cells. Second, the pre-enriched B cells are stimulated for 5 hours in culture with, e.g., LPS, PMA, and ionomycin to induce IL-10 secretion. Third, the viable IL-10–producing cells are specifically isolated by using the Cytokine Secretion Assay technology.

Downstream applications

Isolated viable IL-10 secreting regulatory B cells can be used for phenotyping and functional analysis.


For the first magnetic separation (depletion): LD or autoMACS
Columns. For the second magnetic separation (positive selection): MS or autoMACS Columns.
Product options: 1
for 2×
total cells
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