Untouched cell isolation directly from blood or blood products

  • Untouched cell isolation from whole blood, buffy coat, or LRSC in 25 minutes
  • No density gradient centrifugation or RBC lysis needed
  • Flexible sample volumes from 2–30 mL

With MACSxpress® Technology, direct isolation of immune cells from human blood has never been easier. It allows processing of large blood volumes of up to 30 mL in one single tube. Without the need for density gradient centrifugation, this technology offers a fast and easy way to isolate viable and functional immune cells from various blood products.

Basic principle

The principle of MACSxpress Technology
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How it works

MACSxpress Technology is based on micro-sized MACSxpress Beads allowing the removal of non-target cells by immunomagnetic depletion with the MACSxpress Separator, a powerful permanent magnet. Simultaneously, erythrocytes are sedimented, yielding untouched, highly pure target cells such as T cells, B cells, eosinophils, neutrophils, or NK cells.


Time comparison of cell isolation procedure using MACSxpress Technology vs. density gradient centrifugation
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Untouched cell isolation in 25 minutes

A leukocyte subset isolation with MACSxpress Technology takes less time than a preparative density gradient centrifugation.

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This short video introduces the main benefits of the MACSxpress Technology and shows the magnetic separation of labeled cells as well as sedimentation of RBCs.

Starting materials

Starting materials for cell isolation using MACSxpress Isolation Kits
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Choose the right isolation kit

Isolate T cells, B cells, NK cells, eosinophils, or neutrophils in a fast and untouched manner. Whether you want to start directly from whole blood, buffy coat, or LRSC, we offer different MACSxpress Isolation Kits (see product list below). 

First time using MACSxpress? We offer starting kits containing the MACSxpress Isolation kit of choice, the MACSmix™ Tube Rotator, and the MACSxpress Separator.


Get pure target cells using MACSxpress Isolation Kits 

Using one of our MACSxpress Isolation Kits, you get highly pure target cells within 25 minutes. In this example, neutrophils were isolated from whole blood using the MACSxpress Whole Blood Neutrophil Isolation Kit, a MACSmix™ Tube Rotator, and a MACSxpress Separator.

Before separation
After separation

Untouched neutrophils were isolated from 8 mL of human EDTA anticoagulated whole blood using the MACSxpress® Whole Blood Neutrophil Isolation Kit, a MACSmix™ Tube Rotator, and a MACSxpress Separator. The isolated cells were fluorescently stained with CD14-PerCP, CD15-PE, CD16-APC, CD45-VioBlue®, and CD193-FITC and analyzed by flow cytometry using the MACSQuant® Analyzer 10. Cell debris, non-leukocytes, and dead cells were excluded from the analysis based on CD45 expression, scatter signals, and propidium iodide fluorescence.


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MACSxpress® Technology - Untouched cell isolation directly from blood products

Download the brochure to get all the details on our MACSxpress Technology.

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Scientific poster
Untouched isolation of functionally unaffected neutrophils from whole blood using MACSxpress Technology

Claudia Zyntek, Jürgen Schmitz, and Gregor Winkels 

Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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Scientific report
MACSxpress Technology allows isolation of B cells with high purity for sensitive and concordant microarray-based gene expression profiling

Angela Mekes, Stephanie Soltenborn, Ines Dischinger, Volker Huppert, and Bernhard Gerstmayer

Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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