Cell isolation for lineage-specific chimerism analysis

  • Direct cell isolation for reliable lineage-specific chimerism analysis 
  • Positive selection of B cells, T cells, NK cells, myeloid cells, monocytes, granulocytes, and stem cells from whole blood in 20 minutes
  • Fully automated procedure with minimal hands-on time

MACSprep™ Chimerism MicroBeads allow the fast and easy isolation of target cells for 
chimerism analysis. Get B cells, T cells, NK cells, myeloid cells, monocytes, granulocytes, and stem cells directly from whole blood without density gradient centrifugation or erythrocytes lysis. 

The enriched cells are well-suited for lineage-specific chimerism analysis, PCR, STR analysis, flow cytometric analysis, and functional studies. In combination with the autoMACS® Pro Separator, cell isolations can be automated allowing standardized procedures with minimal hands-on time for developing routine analyses. 

Basic principle

Basic principle of MACSprep™ Chimerism MicroBeads
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MACSprep™ Chimerism MicroBeads have been developed for the positive selection of cells directly from anticoagulated whole blood. 

Isolate target cells directly from blood samples in three easy steps: 

1. Magnetic labeling: Cells are magnetically labeled directly in the sample with MACSprep Chimerism MicroBeads.  

2. Magnetic separation: Labeled cells are retained within the column. The flow-through fraction, containing erythrocytes and non-target cells, can be collected as the negative fraction.  

3. Elution of labeled cells: The column is removed from the separator. The retained cells are eluted as the enriched, positively selected target cells. 


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Direct cell isolation from blood or bone marrow with the autoMACS® Pro Separator

With the autoMACS® Pro Separator, cells for chimerism analysis can be automatically isolated from whole blood. Take this short instrument tour and see how your target cells are being separated without the need for density gradient centrifugation or red blood cell lysis.

MACSprep™ Chimerism MicroBeads

Depending on your target cells, you can choose between a broad range of MACSprepTM Chimerism MicroBeads.

MACSprep Chimerism MicroBeads

Cell lineage Recommended products Order number
T cellsMACSprep Chimerism CD3 MicroBeads130-111-551
B cellsMACSprep Chimerism CD19 MicroBeads130-111-547
NK cellsMACSprep Chimerism CD56 MicroBeads130-111-553
Myeloid cellsMACSprep Chimerism CD33 MicroBeads130-111-546
MonocytesMACSprep Chimerism CD14 MicroBeads130-111-549
GranulocytesMACSprep Chimerism CD15 MicroBeads
MACSprep Chimerism CD66b MicroBeads
HSCsMACSprep Chimerism CD34 MicroBead Kit130-120-673


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MACSprep™ Technology - Excellence in cell preparation for diagnostic research

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