T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, human

T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, human

The T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit was developed to activate and expand human T cells. The kit consists of Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles and biotinylated antibodies against human CD2, CD3, and CD28. Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles loaded with the biotinylated antibodies are used to mimic antigen-presenting cells and activate resting T cells from PBMCs as well as purified T cells. T cell expansion is achieved by culturing and reactivation at day 14 of culture.

Downstream applications

Activated T cells can be used for any downstream processing, such as cytokine analysis
or immunoprecipitation, and cells can also be transfected with high efficiency. The kit is suitable for the expansion of antigen-specific T cell lines and clones. It is also suitable for the activation of human CD3
NKT cells.
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