hCMV-pp65 Antigen Delivery Reagent

hCMV-pp65 Antigen Delivery Reagent

The hCMV-pp65 Antigen Delivery Reagent has been developed for specific targeting of pp65 CMV antigen to antigen uptake receptors on human APCs. Such targeted delivery of antigen allows the analysis of antigen uptake, processing, and antigen presenting capability of targeted APCs.

Background information

The reagent consists of pp65 peptides covalently coupled to a dendrimer and a monoclonal, anti-biotin-FITC conjugate. Using a biotinylated primary antibody, the antigen can be specifically targeted to any surface molecule of the relevant APCs. This allows the identification and functional characterization of antigen uptake receptors, as well as research on vaccine strategies.

Downstream applications

The hCMV-pp65 Antigen Delivery Reagent is well suited for analysis of
  • antigen uptake by antigen-presenting cells, i.e., DCs, macrophages, and B cells.
  • antigen processing and intracellular trafficking of endocytotic receptors.
  • cross presentation of antigens. protocols for antigen delivery for DC vaccination.
  • Selected references

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