StemMACS™ Passaging Solution XF

StemMACS™ Passaging Solution XF

StemMACS™ Passaging Solution XF is a xeno-free solution for routine passaging of human pluripotent stem cell cultures.

Background information

StemMACS™ Passaging Solution XF enables the gentle detachment of human ES or iPS cell colonies and allows efficient dissociation into cell clusters while maintaining maximum viability. The reagent comes with a quick and simple protocol that minimizes manipulation of the culture. Lengthy inactivation, dilution or centrifugation steps are not required. Thus, cells can be quickly transferred into the new culture conditions ensuring optimal viability and attachment. The ready-to-use formulation facilitates a reproducible and standardized splitting procedure.
StemMACS Passaging Solution XF has been developed for use with StemMACS iPS-Brew XF, a xeno-free media for feeder-free culture of human ES or iPS cells. The StemMACS XF Culture System supports long-term maintenance of a pluripotent phenotype, including typical undifferentiated cell morphology, pluripotent marker expression profile and differentiation potential.


  • Detachment of human pluripotent stem cell colonies and dissociation into cell clusters
  • Routine passaging of ES or iPS cell cultures
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