Vectofusin® -1


Vectofusin-1 is a non-toxic histidin-rich amphipathic peptide which exerts as viral transduction enhancer. Unlike recombinant fibronectin, it does not have to be precoated on cell culture surfaces, thus streamlining the transduction process.

Background information

Gene transfer into suspension cells such as T cells or hematopoietic stem cells using retroviral vectors has several therapeutic applications ranging from monogenic diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer. Viral transduction of suspension cells using retroviral vectors is often inefficient and requires the use of transduction enhancers. Vectofusin-1 is a fully synthetic non-toxic cationic amphipathic peptide with viral transduction enhancing capacity, enabling higher transduction levels with low amounts of retroviral vector. Vectofusin-1 promotes the entry of several retroviral pseudo-types into target cells when added to the culture medium.


  • Enhancement of lentiviral transduction
  • Enhancement of retroviral transduction
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