B Cell Expansion Kit, human

B Cell Expansion Kit, human

The B Cell Expansion Kit has been developed for the activation and expansion of human B cells. The CD40-Ligand Multimer mimics a T cell-dependent activation of B cells. The B cell expansion is achieved by culturing and restimulation at day 7 and 10 of culture.

Background information

CD40-Ligand, also known as CD40L, CD154, TRAP, or TNFSF5 is a member of the TNF superfamily transiently expressed on the surface of activated CD4
T lymphocytes. It is either expressed membrane-bound or proteolytically released as a soluble form which comprises 2/3 of the extracellular domain. Its receptor CD40 is found on antigen-presenting cells such as B cells, dendritic cells, and macrophages. CD40L-CD40 interaction is important in T cell-APC (antigen-presenting cell) interaction and is e.g. involved in B cell differentiation and proliferation, isotype class-switching, and protection of B cells from apoptosis. The B Cell Expansion Kit contains the CD40-Ligand and a cross-linking antibody for multimerization to increase the biological activity of CD40-Ligand, as well as premium grade Human IL-4 and StemMACS HSC Expansion Medium XF, human.


Activation and expansion of human B cells.
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