CytoCapture, hexagonal (20-10)

CytoCapture, hexagonal (20-10)

Cytocapture H20-10 products with microscale cavities are used for high resolution and life cell imaging applications of separated and arrested non adherent cells smaller than 15 µm in diameter or cell nuclei. They may be used for applications like:
  • Sensitive fluorescence analysis (FRET, FRAP, FLIM)
  • High and super resolution microscopy
  • Translocation studies
  • Cell signaling studies
  • Time lapse video microscopy of non-adherent cells
  • Individual cell characterization and picking
The CytoCapture H20-10 products have been designed for cell-based assays and high resolution life cell imaging of single non adherent cells. A uniform array of hexagonal polymer cavities lays on top of the cover glass bottoms of these specialized cell culture and imaging consumables. Seeded cells sediment spontaneously inside the microcavities. The diameter of the cavities allows only small single cells to enter. Within these cavities the cells are protected from general fluid convection in the labware. Therefore medium exchange and staining procedures can be performed and individual cells can be tracked over days without change of their position. The technology enables high resolution and intracellular microscopy of non-adherent cells in life cell experiments and even after fixation and staining.
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CytoCapture Dish H20-10

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CytoCapture Chamber H20-10 (8 well)

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