Type of antibody:
Primary antibodies
mouse IgG1κ
Alternative names:
Itga7, alpha7

Specifications for Integrin α7 Antibody, anti-mouse


Clone 3C12 recognizes mouse integrin alpha 7 (Itga7) which belongs to the integrin family of adhesion molecules. Integrins participate in important cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions in a diverse range of biological processes. Itga7 is a heterodimer consisting of an α and a β subunit and is mainly expressed in skeletal and cardiac muscle. It is a specific cellular receptor for the basement membrane protein laminin-1, as well as for the laminin isoforms-2 and -4 and is involved in differentiation and migration processes during myogenesis. Absence of Itga7 results in muscular dystrophy. It is also required to promote contractile phenotype acquisition in differentiated airway smooth muscle cells.

Alternative names

Itga7, alpha7

Detailed product information

Technical specifications

Isotypemouse IgG1κ
Isotype controlIsotype Control Antibody, mouse IgG1
Type of antibodyPrimary antibodies
AntigenIntegrin α7
Alternative names of antigenItga7, alpha7
Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]125(sum of molecular weights of heavy and light chain)
Distribution of antigenother
Entrez Gene ID16404
RRIDAB_2889699, AB_2652467, AB_2652468, AB_2652471, AB_2652472, AB_2652473, AB_2905296, AB_2784388

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References for Integrin α7 Antibody, anti-mouse


  1. Liu, J. et al. (2008) Increasing alpha 7 beta 1-integrin promotes muscle cell proliferation, adhesion, and resistance to apoptosis without changing gene expression. Am. J. Physiol., Cell Physiol. 294: C627-C640
  2. Ziober, B. L. et al. (1993) Alternative extracellular and cytoplasmic domains of the integrin alpha 7 subunit are differentially expressed during development. J. Biol. Chem. 268: 26773-26783
  3. Mayer, U. et al. (1997) Absence of integrin alpha 7 causes a novel form of muscular dystrophy. Nat. Genet. 17(3): 318-323

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