Congresses and symposia

We are actively involved in numerous congresses worldwide focusing on immuno-oncology. Meet us at the booth and attend our corporate symposia or product theaters to hear what we can offer for innovative research and cell therapy development. Find out where we will organize a corporate event or will have one of our scientists present within the regular sessions.

Upcoming meetings:

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2018 
October 09–10 | London, UK

“Automation meets cell separation: primary cells for immuno-oncology assays”
Lotta Räty, Product Manager, Cell Separation, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany
Wednesday, October 10, 12:00–12:30 p.m., Platinum Suite 2

The 9th Asian Cellular Therapy Organization Meeting (ACTO 2018)
October 26–28 | Chiang Mai, Thailand  

Miltenyi Biotec Dinner Symposium “Emerging technologies and clinical advancements in cell therapy”
Friday, October 26, 06:00–07:15 p.m.
Moderator: Yingzi Ge, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany

“Automated manufacturing of chimeric antigen receptor T cells”
Lin Yang, Ph.D., CSO PersonGen BioTherapeutics, China

“CliniMACS Prodigy® Adherent Cell Culture System – An automated, closed, and GMP-compliant platform for complex human cell manufacturing”
Chao Sheng, Ph.D., Product Manager, Regenerative Medicine, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany  

60th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 01–04 | San Diego, USA

CAR-TCR Summit Europe
February 20–22 | London, UK

“Automated manufacturing of clinical-scale gene-engineered T cells using the CliniMACS Prodigy®” 
Michael Papadimitrious, Product Manager for engineered T cells, Miltenyi Biotec 
Thursday, February 22, 01:30 p.m.

BMT Tandem Meetings
February 21–25 | Salt Lake City, USA 

“Graft engineering and cell therapy: complementary approach” 
Miltenyi Biotec Product Theatre
Saturday, February 24, 01:30 p.m.–02:30 p.m.

EBMT 44th Annual Meeting
March 18–21 | Lisbon, Portugal

“New milestones in cellular therapy” 
Miltenyi Biotec Corporate Symposium
Sunday, March 18, 02:30 p.m.–04:00 p.m.

Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe
March 19–23 | London, UK

“Automated manufacture of CAR T cell products in a closed system” 
Ian Johnston, PhD, Industrial and Academic Cooperations Manager, Research & Development, Miltenyi Biotec 
Monday, March 19, 12:40 p.m.

AACR Annual Meeting 2018
April 14–18 | Chicago, USA

Product Theatre by Miltenyi Biotec & 10X Genomics
Monday, April 16, 03:00 p.m.

ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting
May 02–05 | Montreal, Canada

“Emerging technologies and clinical advancements in cell therapy” 
Miltenyi Biotec Corporate Symposium
Wednesday, May 2, 04:30 p.m.–06:30 p.m.

AAI 2018 Annual Meeting
May 04–08 | Austin, USA

15th International Symposium on Dendritic Cells
June 10–14  | Aachen, Germany 

“Personalized dendritic cell vaccines for ovarian cancer patients”
Lunch Symposium, Lana Kandalaft 
Monday, June 11

Immuno-Oncology Summit
August 27–31 | Boston, USA

“Automation and decentralization of CAR T cell manufacture”
Boro Dropulic, Ph.D., CSO & General Manager, Lentigen Technology, Inc.
Tuesday, August 28, 03:00 p.m. (Find the program here)

“Automation meets cell separation: primary cells for immuno-oncology assays”
Lotta Räty, Product Manager, Cell Separation, Miltenyi Biotec
Wednesday, August 29, 09:30 a.m. (Find the program here)

ECI 2018 – 5th European Congress of Immunology
September 02–05 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

CAR-TCR Summit
September 04–07 | Boston, USA

Cell & Gene Therapy Europe
September 11–12 | London, UK