MACS® GMP Tyto® Running Buffer

GMP-compliant cell sorting in clinical settings

  • Optimized for use with the MACSQuant® Tyto® Cell Sorter
  • Manufactured according to relevant GMP guidelines
  • Full documentation available, including CoA, CoO, and PIF
For the approval of your cell manufacturing process, all components of your workflow need to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities. 

To enable GMP-compliant cell sorting using the MACSQuant Tyto Cell Sorter, Miltenyi Biotec now offers the MACS GMP Tyto Running Buffer. It consists of two components, which need to be mixed prior to use; the MACS GMP PBS/MgCl2 Buffer and the MACS GMP Tytonase.

To help you meet the requirements of regulatory authorities for your cell manufacturing protocols, certificates of analysis (CoA), certificates of origin (CoO), and product information files (PIF) are provided for both, the MACS GMP PBS/MgCl2 Buffer and the MACS GMP Tytonase. 

The PIF, as it is provided for all of Miltenyi Biotec´s MACS GMP Products, has proven very useful in the discussions with regulatory authorities. It provides detailed information on: QC in-process controls, QC release testing, Sterility testing, Biocompatibility, Endotoxin levels, Particles, Packaging and transport stability, Shelf life stability

For complete regulatory notices click here.

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