MACS GMP CD34 Fluorescent Antibodies

MACS GMP CD34 Fluorescent Antibodies

Clone: AC101
GMP CD34 Fluorescent Antibodies consist of a mouse monoclonal antibody against the human CD34 antigen conjugated to a fluorochrome. They are developed for flow cytometric identification and flow cytometric sorting of CD34-positive cells.

Alternative names

gp105-120, hematopoietic progenitor cell antigen HPCA1


MACS GMP Products are for research use and
ex vivo
cell culture processing only, and are not intended for human
in vivo
applications. For regulatory status in the USA, please contact your local representative.

Background information

CD34 is a transmembrane phosphoglycoprotein that was first described on hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. In addition, it is now established as a marker for many non-hematopoietic cell types including endothelial progenitors and embryonic fibroblasts. In hematopoietic stem cells, CD34 facilitates the adhesion to bone marrow extracellular matrix or stromal cells.


GMP CD34 Fluorescent Antibodies are for identification of CD34-positive cells by flow cytometry as well as cell enrichment by flow cytometric sorting.

Quality statement

MACS GMP Products are manufactured and tested under a quality management system (ISO 13485) and are in compliance with relevant GMP guidelines. They are designed following the recommendations of USP <1043> on ancillary materials.
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