Therapeutic apheresis and plasma exchange with our all-in-one platform 

The LIFE 21® – TheraSorb® therapeutic apheresis platform with its specific adsorbers allows the selective removal of pathogenic substances such as immunoglobulins1, LDL cholesterol, and lipoprotein (a)2 from the patient’s plasma. LDL and lipoprotein (a) are removed simultaneously using a single type of adsorber. 
Since no substitution fluid is required, the treatment is usually very well tolerated.3 Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)4 enables the non-selective removal of pathogenic substances. TheraSorb® products can be helpful for the treatment of a variety of different indications.5,6,7

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TheraSorb therapeutic apheresis portfolio

LIFE 18 - TheraSorb chipcard reader and software

The TheraSorb chipcard reader and software allow you to transfer treatment protocols of the LIFE 18 apheresis unit to your computer and print them out. Please note that neither chipcard reader nor software are CE-marked medical devices.

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