Easy access. Anytime.

Your personal local Miltenyi Biotec store

MACS PICK UP POINT is your personal Miltenyi Biotec store, located directly in your institution.

With just the swipe of a card, it gives you access to a continuously restocked inventory of Miltenyi Biotec products, so you’ll never have to wait for an important reagent delivery.

Best of all, MACS PICK UP POINT is customizable to meet your research and accounting needs.


Continuous testing.
According to your schedule.


Technical specifications

External dimensions:
1010H × 595W × 620D mm
42H × 24W × 26D in
Space required:
1010H × 595W × 1270D mm
42H × 24W × 47D in
Energy supply:
230 V
120 V
ca. 75 kg
ca. 165 lbs

24/7 product


Real-time inventory



Workflow & Logistics

MACS PICK UP POINT is an intelligent refrigerator that can store any Miltenyi Biotec reagent at +2°C to +8°C. We work closely with you to develop a personalized inventory list that meets your laboratory’s needs. Learn here how it works:


Register & get your pass

Go online. Find your unit and register for the program. A personal pass will be sent to you. Passes can be allocated to different persons, groups, and budgets.


Access & tracking usage

With the swipe of your pass, you can now take out any product from the MACS PICK UP POINT unit, anytime. When someone takes out a product, MACS PICK UP POINT records who withdrew the product and when. Took out the wrong product? Don’t worry, you have 15 minutes to return the product and find the right one.


Automated invoicing

After 15 minutes, your sale will be counted and your invoice will be sent automatically to you.


Check account online

At any time, you can view the inventory and history of your MACS PICK UP POINT account online.


Stock screening & replenishment

MACS PICK UP POINT automatically screens your inventory to make sure your stock levels are always satisfactory and refreshes the information about available products. On a weekly basis products are automatically sent out, free of charge, to replenish your inventory levels.

It's much easier than you think.


Contact us

Contact your local Miltenyi Biotec representative or fill out the contact form and send it to us. We will contact you and discuss how you can best profit from the MACS PICK UP POINT.


Customize your inventory

We will look at your current and future research needs, and develop an inventory list to fit your laboratory. Typically, you'll find in a MACS PICK UP POINT unit: MACS MicroBeads and MicroBead Kits, MACS Antibodies and kits for flow cytometry, MACS Cytokines and more.


Customize your invoice and billing

All processes will be customized to support your existing business operations. Our web-based interface will automate sales, invoicing and restocking.



We will deliver and install the MACS PICK UP POINT at your site. All equiment and accessories are free of charge.

Contact & Support

Do you have any questions? We are happy to assist you. Drop us a note and we come back to you as soon as possible.

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