Flow cytometry kits and support reagents

MACS® Flow Cytometry Kits and ready-to-use support reagents are designed to optimize your cell analysis workflow for speed, efficiency and reproducibility. Each solution features carefully selected antibodies and reagents that deliver bright, sensitive and consistent flow cytometric signals while remaining resource-efficient and cost-effective. Miltenyi Biotec kits and antibody cocktails are easy to use, a time-saver in the lab, and offer unique, highly standardized solutions for viability studies, multiplex assays, and phenotypic characterization of cells.

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Easily enhance the reproducibility of your flow cytometry assays

Learn how MACS Flow Cytometry Kits optimize workflows and boost lab productivity through standardization, automation, and simplified protocols.

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Rapid antigen-specific T cell enrichment (Rapid ARTE)

Direct ex vivo characterization of human antigen-specific CD154+CD4+ T cells.

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