Standardize your flow cytometry assays in cell manufacturing

Flow cytometry plays a critical role in the production and release testing of cell products. Since standardization of assays is often regarded as challenging, we have compiled the following resources to help you master the technique. 

Resources for cell manufacturing analytics

Products for cell manufacturing analytics

Fully automated flow cytometry workflows

Express Mode tools empower standardized flow cytometry assays, featuring:

- User-independent automated analysis steps with algorithms based on real-life data

- Automated instrument calibration and compensation steps

- Automated gating and reporting
Learn more about Express Modes

Easy-to-use flow cytometry instruments

The MACSQuant® Analyzer Flow Cytometer instrument family is designed for scalable and reliable flow cytometry assays, using:

- Smart Gain technology for harmonization of instrument settings across multiple devices and sites

- Express Modes for plug and play usability by lab staff with minimal expertise in flow cytometry
MACSQuant Analyzer 10

Consistent and comparable results over time

Our recombinant flow cytometry antibodies help achieve reproducible data throughout your cell manufacturing workflow. Start taking advantage of:

- High lot-to-lot consistency through recombinant production

- Low background signals through engineered antibody Fc-backbone
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