Isolation and characterization of microglia

Our efficient workflow solutions for microglia provide the foundation for the best possible quality of cells for downstream applications. With gentle and automated dissociation of brain tissue, viable single-cell suspensions free of myelin debris and the ability to acquire pure and viable microglia from neonatal and adult mouse, rat and human, our solutions look to enhance your capabilities no matter your line of research.


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Tissue dissociation into single-cell suspensions with high cell viability and a minimum of cell debris is a prerequisite for reliable cell separation, cell culture, and flow cytometry analysis. A dissociation procedure that combines optimized enzymatic treatment using our Tissue Dissociation Kits with gentle mechanical dissociation (gentleMACS) is crucial for the preparation of viable single-cell suspensions.

Highly viable and pure neural cells

The Adult Brain Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat, yields highly viable and pure neural cells

The cell suspension from adult brain contains a significant amount of cell debris and erythrocytes (A), which hampers subsequent cell isolation, cultivation, and analysis. The Adult Brain Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat optimizes the tissue dissociation process, and after sample clearing yields living cells with much less cell debris and erythrocytes (B).

Purity and viability of cells obtained from murine (P4) whole brain tissue

Standardized tissue dissociation with Neural Tissue Dissociation Kits and gentleMACS Dissociators

Mouse whole brain issue (P4) was dissociated using the Neural Tissue Dissociation Kit (P) and the gentleMACS Dissociator Octo with Heaters. The cells were stained with Propidium iodide and analyzed with the MACSQuant Analyzer. Flow  cytometry analysis showed that the dissociated cell suspension contained minimal debris (A) and a very high percentage of viable cells (B).

Adult brain dissociation and neural cell isolation

Watch our recorded webinar on Adult brain dissociation and neural cell isolation and learn

  • about our adult brain workflow,
  • our innovative MACS® Technologies,
  • and how our adult brain workflow can help to advance neuroscience research.

Our MACS® MicroBead Technology, in combination with the Adult Brain Dissociation Kit provides a gentle technique with minimal manipulation time. It allows you to obtain pure, viable and functional adult microglia.

How to isolate pure viable microglia 

Watch this hands-on protocol showing you how to isolate microglial cells from adult mouse brain. The Miltenyi Biotec protocol is faster, standardized, reproducible, and easy to scale up.

Scientific poster 
Standardized tissue dissociation and removal of myelin debris optimize isolation of cells from human brain tumor

Sandy Reiß¹, Stephan Dützmann², Sandra Pennartz¹

¹ Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG , Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 68, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, ² Department of Neurosurgery, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main , Germany

Get acquainted with our protocols for the isolation, characterization, and cultivation of microglia.


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