HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent

HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent

The HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent simplifies and accelerates HIV cell culture procedures. Simply incubate the reagent with the viral supernatant 30 minutes before addition to the target cells.

Background information

Virus isolates contain many more infectious virions than can be detected by standard infectious assay measurement
. A major problem appears to be the efficient delivery of the virions to the target cell for their subsequent effective uptake by endocytosis
or fusion with the plasma membrane. The envelope of HIV-1 contains beside virus-encoded proteins also host cell proteins
. The HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent uses the presence of these host proteins in both the virus envelope and the target cell to tether HIV on the surface of target lymphocytes and macrophages. Pre-treatment of viral isolates with the HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent results in an infection of a higher percentage of target cells, increased viral integration events, greatly enhanced kinetics of viral replication, and amplified viral titers and amounts of soluble p24 protein in the cell culture supernatant

Detailed procedure

Add HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent to the virion-containing sample and incubate for 30 minutes to obtain HIV enhancement complexes. Aspirate the medium from the cells, add the sample containing the HI virions and incubate cells overnight (12 to 18 h) at 37 °C in a cell culture incubator. Remove the medium and replace with fresh, prewarmed complete cell culture medium. Continue incubating cells at 37 °C in a cell culture incubator.


The HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent facilitates the generation of high titer viral stocks from primary HIV isolates. It helps to efficiently infect target lymphocytes and macrophages with low titer HIV isolates and thus enables sensitive cellular and molecular assays that measure the presence of viral products. The reagent is also suitable for the expansion of primary HIV isolates for genomic and phenotypic characterization.
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