Magnetic beads for cell separation from blood samples - StraightFrom® MicroBeads

Magnetic cell separation with StraightFrom® MicroBeads delivers highly pure cells straight from whole blood, buffy coat, LRSC, and Leukopak® (Leukopak is a trademark of StemExpress) with all the benefits of MACS® MicroBeads. Easy enrichment of leukocytes without density gradient centrifugation and erythrocyte lysis. Leukocyte subsets can be purified using the autoMACS® Pro Separator, the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus, or manual separators. The purified cells are well-suited for further flow cytometric analyses, molecular biology applications, and functional studies. 

Step-by-step: How to isolate immune cells directly from blood

Watch this short video on how to isolate cells straight from blood using the MultiMACS® Cell24 Separator. 

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