Retinal Ganglion Cell Isolation Kits, rat

Retinal Ganglion Cell Isolation Kits, rat

These kits and tool boxes have been developed for the isolation of rat retinal ganglion cells (RGCs).

Background information

Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) are neurons of the central nervous system, which transmit information from the retina to the visual center of the brain. RGCs have been used to study neuron-glia interactions and the mechanisms of neurodegeneration.

Detailed separation procedure

The separation procedure involves the depletion of endothelial cells and microglia using MACSiBead™ Particles, and the positive selection of CD90.1
RGCs using CD90.1 MicroBeads.
First, the cell suspension is incubated with a biotin-conjugated antibody, which binds to endothelial cells and microglia, and with CD90.1 MicroBeads labeling RGCs. In the next step, endothelial cells and microglia are magnetically labeled with Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles and depleted by using a MACSiMAG™ Separator. Subsequently, the cell fraction depleted of endothelial cells and microglia is applied to MS Columns for positive selection of the CD90.1
Note: MACSiBead Particles are
suitable for separations using MACS Columns and MiniMACS™, MidiMACS™, VarioMACS™, SuperMACS™, or autoMACS® Separators.


For positive selection: MS Columns.
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