Anti-Ly-6B.2 (7/4) MicroBeads, mouse

Anti-Ly-6B.2 (7/4) MicroBeads, mouse

The Anti-Ly6B.2 (7/4) MicroBeads, mouse can be used for isolation of neutrophils, inflammatory monocytes or myeloid progenitors from bone marrow or spleen.

Background information

  • Positive selection or depletion of cells expressing mouse Ly-6B.2 antigen from bone marrow and spleen.
  • Isolation of recruited inflammatory myeloid cells in experimental mouse models. The antigen is only expressed on mouse strains of the Ly6.2 haplotype.

Detailed separation procedure

First, the Ly-6B.2 (7/4)
cells are magnetically labeled with Anti- Ly-6B.2 (7/4) MicroBeads. Then, the cell suspension is loaded onto a MACS
Column, which is placed in the magnetic field of a MACS Separator. The magnetically labeled Ly-6B.2 (7/4)
cells are retained within the column. The unlabeled cells run through; this cell fraction is thus depleted of Ly-6B.2 (7/4)
cells. After removing the column from the magnetic field, the retained Ly-6B.2 (7/4)
cells can be eluted as the positively selected cell fraction. To increase the purity of spleen cells, the positively selected cell fraction containing the Ly-6B.2 (7/4)
cells must be separated over a second column.


MS, LS, or autoMACS
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