Cell separation reagents

We have the right bead for your cell isolation needs

  • Minimal labeling prevents unspecific targeting, epitope blocking, and cell activation
  • Isolated target cells directly from whole blood, buffy coat, LRSCs, or Leukopak®
  • Easy translation of your cell isolation method into clinical settings

We offer cell isolation technologies based on nano-sized immunomagnetic beads in combination with columns or micro-sized beads. Independently of your method of choice, we guarantee the least possible impact on your target cells, thus preserving cell integrity and characteristics. Choose your immunomagnetic beads from our versatile cell isolation portfolio to isolate virtually any cell type from a broad range of cell sources, such as whole blood and blood products (peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)), and tissues from various species.


MACS Cell Separation – Select the best

Cap'n T Cell explains what makes MACS® Technology unique and superior and why it is the best choice for isolating your cells.

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