Standardized identification and quantification of MSCs from human BMA

The success of bone marrow (BM)-derived mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) experiments depends on the quality of bone marrow aspirate (BMA), as well as the number of MSCs in the BMA sample. Commonly, MSC quantification is performed by CFU-F (colony-forming unit fibroblast) assay, which are time consuming and highly variable.

Based on the finding that the number of CFU-F colonies generated after 14 days of BM MNC (bone marrow mononuclear cell) culture is linearly related to the number of CD271bright cells in BMA1, we’ve developed a reliable procedure for absolute quantification of MSCs in BMA.

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In this free scientific poster, we show you: 

  • how to reliably predict the clonogenic potential of human BM-MSCs

  • a 30-minute procedure for absolute quantification of MSCs from human BMA 

  • accuracy and reproducibility of the quantification method

Interested? Try our MSC Enumeration Kit, human (130-106-646), which includes:

  • cocktail of three fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies including MSCs characterization marker CD271 (LNGFR) and exclusion markers CD45 and CD235a
  • additional MSC marker MSCA-1 (W8B2), for the identification of MSCs with highly proliferative potential
  • cocktail of four fluorochrome-conjugated isotype control antibodies
  • cell viability marker 7-AAD
  • Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution to remove erythrocytes 
  • FcR Blocking Reagent to prevent unspecific binding

(for 25 tests with 200 μL of human BMA sample per test)

1. Cuthbert, R. et al. (2012) Cytotherapy 14: 431–440.

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