CD20 CAR-TIME – First German CAR T cell trial against solid tumors

CD20 CAR-TIME project goal

Genetic modification of immune cells with “chimeric antigen receptors” (CARs) is one of the most promising concepts to treat cancer patients. Consequently, Miltenyi Biotec will facilitate the first German phase I clinical trial to treat melanoma patients with CAR T cells .The project consortium will also explore how automation can make this personalized form of therapy available to a large number of patients.


How will we get there?

Patients' own T cells will be genetically modified in such a way that they recognize a specific surface molecule (CD20) on melanoma stem cells. This will enable the “CD20 CAR T cells” to specifically eradicate the tumor cells and thus contribute to cure the malignant disease. Central to the project is the CliniMACS Prodigy, an innovative device developed by Miltenyi Biotec that enables automated and safe manufacturing of the cellular products that will be applied to the patients.

Partners in collaboration

Hannover Medical School, University of Cologne and Miltenyi Biotec as coordinator 
Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Fkz 01EK1507A 

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