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Together we can take science and medicine to the next level

Miltenyi Biotec is a rapidly growing, market-leading biotechnology company with a global scope. We offer custom-made careers and provide the perfect platform for new talent and experienced professionals. 

Our careers value chain offers opportunities in research, production, sales, and business support. Demanding and highly attractive jobs await IT specialists, software developers, technical assistants, and marketing professionals, as well as scientists and engineers in a variety of specializations.

Below, you can scan the profiles of professionals at Miltenyi Biotec, who are working on revolutionizing the therapy of severe diseases.
  • Qualifications in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics, physics, biophysics, etc.
  • Careers for technicians, graduates, post-graduates and clinicians in R&D, Production, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Bioinformatics, Clinical Development, and more
  • Over 250 publications in leading scientific journals and more than 750 individual patents have been granted or submitted in the last ten years. Guest lectures create information flow within the scientific community
  • Project teams working in cell biology, immunology, bio-imaging, chemistry, bio-conjugation, recombinant proteins, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biophysics, cell therapy, in vitro diagnostics, lentiviral vectors, flow cytometry, cell sorting, etc.
  • Laboratories from S1 to S3 provide an ideal environment for creative science. Our state-of-the-art “Cell Factory” enables the development and production of GMP-compliant, cell-based therapeutics

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  • We are mechanical, electronic and mechatronic engineers and technicians
  • Careers in research and production of medical devices and consumables
  • Precision-made optical and micromechanical components in production
  • Multidisciplinary project teams cooperating in workflows from prototype development to serial production
  • Close relationships with key customers to achieve optimal design and function
  • The challenge of working at the limit of the technically possible

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  • Qualifications include informatics and bioinformatics
  • Careers in developing software for medical devices and maintaining the company IT landscape (SAP, eCommerce, Enterprise Architecture Management, etc.)
  • Developing software for a large variety of platforms, managing and operating more than 120 applications and back-end solutions. Creating mobile and cloud-based product innovations
  • Systems and languages include SAP, C++, Python, Embedded, Linux, Windows, CAN Bus applications, and .NET 
  • Conceptual design for eCommerce and digital business, creating product innovation, enabling digital touchpoints, and building an eCommerce sales channel

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  • Graduate and postgraduate qualifications in immunology, biology, medicine, and business administration
  • Working in sales brings us into close contact with big-pharma, clinics, research institutes and laboratories
  • We act as trusted advisers in our support of key account management and introduce novel workflows to improve customer processes
  • Cooperation with R&D and marketing teams enhances our knowledge base
  • Multidisciplinary marketing teams focus on technical writing, graphic design and performance marketing
  • Product managers drive the commercialization of our products, building a link between sales, communications, and marketing teams. A strong connection with customers worldwide positions products within the market

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  • Qualifications in finance, human resources, legal, business process management
  • Careers in recruitment, financial controlling, purchasing, and facility management
  • By designing innovative processes, we generate structures that will build on our commercial success
  • Defining concepts for creating a working environment with an international scope

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