Fast 3D imaging of entire biological systems

UltraMicroscope II light sheet microscope

Features of the UltraMicroscope II

Adjustable light sheets

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The UltraMicroscope II has adjustable light sheets that allow the user to set width, numerical aperture (NA) and Rayleigh length. This unique feature provides highest flexibility. The user can choose settings that perfectly match their samples via the software.

Dynamic horizontal focus

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Custom-made optics form two triple light sheets that are focused into the sample. Z-resolution and contrast is best within the light sheet focus. To optimize this, the focus diameter and the focus length (Rayleigh length) can be adapted to the imaging conditions and will be optimized by software. Then, the UltraMicroscope II provides the dynamic horizontal focus that shifts the focus through the sample while imaging. In combination with advanced software algorithms, the UltraMicroscope II delivers a pin sharp image of the sample.

Six light sheets for homogeneous illumination

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LaVision BioTec’s UltraMicroscope II comes with 2×3  light sheets that excite the sample from both sides under slightly different angles. This means the fluorescence excitation is most homogeneous and artifacts like dark areas and stripes are minimized.

Multi-refractive index compensation

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Most clearing reagents differ from protocol to protocol and so does the refractive index. Running a system with different clearing or imaging solutions induces the necessity to correct for different refractive indices. The refractive index compensation of the UltraMicroscope II is utilized via the software interface. The user chooses between current clearing techniques such as CLARITY or Benzyl Ether. Water can also be selected for in vivo imaging. This technology guarantees the perfect setting for every imaging solution.


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