Struggling to cultivate cells from primary or xenografted tissue?

The new Pancreas TumorMACS™ Medium is the first standardized medium for human pancreatic tumor cells derived from either primary or xenografted tissue. From now on you don’t need to rely on cell lines that have been established decades ago and show little resemblance with the initial tumors. Instead, you can establish your own stable cell line, eliminating any bias when, for example, performing molecular analysis or drug screenings. 

MACS® Cell Culture and Stimulation

Pancreas TumorMACS™ Medium:

  • Allows for efficient derivation and expansion of human tumor cell cultures from pancreatic tumors
  • Preserves parental tumor heterogeneity, tumor-initiating capacity, and genetic stability
  • Improves in vivo and in vitro models for pancreatic cancer research and drug screening
  • Enables to establish stable cell lines from primary human tumor tissue
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