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Immune system fighting malignancy – Scientists from around the world share their results from basic and translational research

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MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

MACS&more 17-1 (2016) Immune system fighting malignancy

The immune system with its vast array of different cell types has a myriad of ways to protect the body against malignant disease. Researchers and clinicians worldwide explore the potential of these cells in their quest for novel cellular therapies. In this MACS&more issue, scientists from around the world share their research results and experience on the way to translating basic research into clinical application.
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MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

Commercial-scale manufacture of genetically modified T cells – challenges and approaches

Adoptive transfer of genetically modified T cells holds great promise for cancer therapy. The manufacture of these cells however is complex, labor-intensive, and comprises many different handling steps – a challenge for the conversion from small-scale clinical trials into larger commercial-scale treatments. Read on to learn about novel approaches utilizing the CliniMACS Prodigy®.
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MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

Dendritic cells pulsed with PepTivator® Ovalbumin induce both OVA-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells and cause antitumor effects in a mouse model of lymphoma

Tumor antigen–presenting dendritic cells (DCs) can initiate an effective anti-cancer immune response in the body. Using a mouse model of lymphoma, the authors showed that DCs pulsed with a PepTivator® Peptide Pool induced both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells to proliferate and release cytokines. Ultimately, the DCs inhibited tumor growth.
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MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

Detection, enrichment, and direct phenotypic and functional characterization of antigen-specific naive and memory T cell subsets

A novel technique based on MACS® Technology increases the sensitivity for flow cytometry analysis of rare antigen-specific T cells. The authors also set up a comprehensive multicolor panel for detailed flow cytometry analysis.
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MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

Evaluation of metastatic burden and recovery of human metastatic cells from a mouse model

The spread of malignant cells in the body is an important topic of cancer research as metastases are the major cause of death in cancer-related diseases. The authors describe a method that allows the recovery and quantification of human metastatic cells in a mouse model and enables enrichment of these cells for in vitro analyses.
[PDF; 825 KB]
MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

Designing a dendritic cell–based therapy for primary liver cancer

This article gives thorough insight into the process of designing a randomized phase II clinical trial utilizing DCs as vaccines for hepatocellular carcinoma. Aim of the study is to evaluate whether vaccination with DCs provides an additional benefit compared to cyclophosphamide pre-conditioning and transarterial chemoembolization alone.
[PDF; 540 KB]
MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

Engineering human cells with lentiviral vectors: Making an impact on human disease

This article provides an exciting perspective on lentiviral technology, which is one of the cornerstones of successful CAR T cell manufacture, and on future directions for CAR T cell engineering.
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