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In this magazine, users of Miltenyi Biotec products share their scientific results in reports that highlight the benefits of our products. The articles cover a wide range of research areas and technologies.

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MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

MACS&more 17-1 (2016) Immune system fighting malignancy

The immune system with its vast array of different cell types has a myriad of ways to protect the body against malignant disease. Researchers and clinicians worldwide explore the potential of these cells in their quest for novel cellular therapies. In this MACS&more issue, scientists from around the world share their research results and experience on the way to translating basic research into clinical application.
[PDF; 4.9 MB]
MACS&more Vol 16-1 (2014)

MACS&more 16-1 (2014) Past and future innovation in cell therapy – 25 years of Miltenyi Biotec

For a quarter century Miltenyi Biotec has helped brilliant minds advance scientific discovery and cellular therapies. On our 25th anniversary, we compiled a special MACS&more edition for you. We are proud to present five articles by distinguished scientists presenting their results and perspectives on some of today’s most promising approaches towards cellular therapies, involving Treg cells, NK cells, stem cells, neural cells, and CAR-expressing T cells.
[PDF; 7.1 MB]

MACS&more 15-2 (2013) Translational research: Supporting the quest for a cure

In this MACS&more issue you will find reports by scientists who are well on their way to advancing their research to cellular therapy. They rely on Miltenyi Biotec’s integrated technologies for the manufacture of plasmacytoid DCs, monocyte-derived DCs, cytotoxic CD8+ T cells, NK cells, and Treg cells.
[PDF; 4 MB]

MACS&more 15-1 (2013) The path to new discoveries: from basic to clinical research in immunology

Read about our latest developments plus research reports on immunology and cell isolation.
[PDF; 4.6 MB]

MACS&more 14-2 (2012) Special edition: stem cell research

In this MACS&more issue you find a selection of reports demonstrating the versatility of the Miltenyi Biotec product portfolio in advancing stem cell research.
[PDF; 3.8 MB]

MACS&more 14-1 (2012) Best-in-class flow cytometry: Illuminating possibilities

This MACS&more issue highlights the compelling benefits of the MACS Flow Cytometry portfolio, including the MACSQuant Instruments.
[PDF; 3 MB]

MACS&more 13-1 (2011) Found in translation: New concepts in tumor immunology

Miltenyi Biotec provides tools to advance tumor immunology and cancer research from bench to bedside. In this issue, a number of articles focus on various aspects of tumor immunology.
[PDF; 3.9 MB]

MACS&more 12-2 (2010) Special edition: Neuroscience meets MACS® Technology

This special edition of MACS&more includes a selection of reports on the isolation of diverse neural cell types by MACS Technology.
[PDF; 4.7 MB]

MACS&more 12-1 (2010) Spotlight on viable Th17 cells

Isolated cell populations with excellent purities and viability rates are key for an accurate analysis of cell function. This is illustrated by a variety of reports on immune cells, including IL-17–secreting T cells, and stem cells.
[PDF; 3.9 MB]
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9

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