Tumor cell enrichment and detection

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In which cases should CD45 MicroBeads, human, be used?

CD45 MicroBeads, human are the method of choice to enrich tumor cell types of non-hematopoietic origin, without having a suitable positive selection marker available. The CD45 antigen is expressed on almost all leukocytes. After CD45 separation, tumor cells are enriched in the negative fraction.

When should the Carcinoma Cell Enrichment (and Detection) Kits be used?

Disseminated carcinoma cells can be enriched from hematopoietic tissue, such as blood, bone marrow, or lymphoid tissue up to 10,000 fold, using the Carcinoma Cell Enrichment (and Detection) Kits (Carcinoma Cell Enrichment Kit, human, and Carcinoma Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit – Immunocytochemistry, human). Circulating epithelial tumor cells express a certain range of cytokeratins. This makes it possible to detect cells arising from a wide spectrum of different carcinomas. The enriched and fixed carcinoma cells maintain their morphology and antigenic phenotype, making the results highly reliable.

When should the CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads, human, be used - and when the CD326 (EpCAM) Tumor Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit, human?

The CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads, human can be used to enrich viable carcinoma cells from hematopoietic tissue (blood, bone marrow, lymphoid tissue) for sensitive enumeration of disseminated tumor cells or subsequent functional analysis, e.g., cell culture, RT-PCR. This procedure may result in a 1,000 fold enrichment of carcinoma cells. As MACS® MicroBeads are small and biodegradable, the enriched carcinoma cells can be directly used for cultivation. Carcinoma cells isolated with the CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads, human, can also be detected by immunocytochemistry or flow cytometry. The CD326 (EpCAM) Tumor Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit, human, combines specific enrichment according to the EpCAM antigen and highly sensitive immunocytochemical staining of the enriched cells according to cytokeratin expression.

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