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Which lasers are used in the MACSQuant® Analyzer optical bench?

Violet (405nm) Blue (488nm - diode pumped solid state) Red (635nm)

What are the fluorescence sensitivities of the MACSQuant® Analyzer?

MESF: FITC <200; PE <100; APC <150

What is the error in absolute cell count?

The error in the absolute cell count is less than 5% CV

What is the dynamic range of sensitivity?

The dynamic Range for FSC/SSC is 1 µm – 15 µm

What type of sample tubes can I use?

The MACSQuant® Analyzer with the single tube holder or the MACS® MiniSampler can process many types of sample tubes. Microcentrifuge tubes, 5-, 10-, 15- mL tubes and 96-well microtiter plates can be automatically processed by the MACSQuant Analyzer.

How many events can be acquired on the MACSQuant® Analyzer?

The MACSQuant can acquire up to 10,000 events per second

At what speed can the MACSQuant® Analyzer analyze samples?

The MACSQuant Analyzer has three different flow rates Low (25uL/min), Med (50uL/min) and High (100 uL/min)

What is the minimum sample volume that can be analyzed by the MACSQuant Analyzer?

25 µL.

What are the dimensions of the flow cell?

The flow cell is 200 × 250 µm and has a rectangular profile

What is the laser spot for the MACSQuant® Analyzer?

The Laser Spot is 15 × 45 µm

What is the carryover between samples?

The carryover between samples on the MACSQuant Analyzer is <0.01%

What are the specifications of the workstation?

The MACSQuant® Analyzer workstation includes:

PC with intel Pentium M 1.8 GHz
Memory 1 GB RAM
Data Storage: 40GB hard drive DVD RW drive
Networking: Ethernet
Monitor: 12 inch, touch screen
2x USB port Analog RGB / VGA port
COM Port (DSUB-9)

What are the dimensions of the MACSQuant® Analyzer?

The Size (W × D × H) of the MACSQuant is 600 × 350 × 400 mm

What are the optimal operating conditions?

The optimal operating temperature is between 15 to 25°C with humidity ranging from 10 to 90%.

What is the power usage of the MACSQuant® Analyzer?

The power is 350 W

What type of sheath fluid should I use?

Miltenyi Biotec has specially designed buffers

Does Miltenyi Biotec offer flow cytometry analysis software?

Yes, MACSQuantify™ Software is a user-friendly software that can be used with data acquired from the MACSQuant® Analyzer and other flow cytometers (fcs2.0 and fcs3.0 file formats)

How many logarithmic decades does the MACSQuantify™ Software display?

The MACSQuantify Software displays 5-decade logarithmic scales

What is the signal resolution?

The signal resolution of the MACSQuant® Analyzer is 16bit (65,536 channels) on all parameters

Does the MACSQuant® Analyzer display data in bi-exponential or hyperlog scale?

The MACSQuantify™Software, which runs on the MACSQuant® Analyzer, utilizes a new version of scale called hlog, which is similar to bi-exponential and hyperlog scales.

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