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The fastest way to get pure satellite cells

Working with pure cell populations of satellite cells is a prerequisite for understand their biological function in tissue regeneration. With the Skeletal Muscle Dissociation Kit, used in combination with the Satellite Cell Isolation Kit, it has never been easier to isolate pure satellite cells from mouse skeletal muscles. The Satellite Cell Isolation Kit depletes all non-target-cells in one step, using proven MACS Technology. The kit is is made up of three components:

  • MACS MicroBeads – superparamagnetic particles conjugated to a highly specific, monoclonal antibody against a cell surface antigen.
  • MACS Columns – utilize a matrix composed of ferromagnetic spheres covered with a cell-friendly coating
  • MACS Separators – use powerful permanent magnets to induce a high-gradient magnetic field within MACS Columns. The generated field is strong enough to retain cells labeled with even small amounts of MACS MicroBeads.

Trust the recognized standard in magnetic cell separation that is used in over 20,000 publications.

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Anti-Integrin α-7 MicroBeads, mouse

Capacity: for up to 5×107 total cells
130-104-261 $425.00

Satellite Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

Capacity: for up to 50 separations
130-104-268 $420.00
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