- autoMACS® Pro Separator - Starter Kit

autoMACS® Pro Separator - Starter Kit


The autoMACS® Pro Separator is a benchtop instrument for high-speed magnetic cell sorting of multiple samples. Employing MACS® Technology, the autoMACS Pro Separator is designed for cell isolation in a fully automated, walk-away fashion.


The autoMACS Pro Separator combines all the benefits of the proven autoMACS Technology with novel features such as automated magnetic labeling and sensor-controlled processing of multiple samples. The instrument status can be viewed from a distance, facilitated by illumination of buffer bottles by light-emitting diodes. The instrument is operated via touchscreen and intuitive screen menus. At the touch of a button, multisample labeling and cell separation are performed, minimizing hands-on time. Sample integrity is also maintained by use of MACS Chill Racks that allow for cooling of samples and eluted fractions. With its compact size, the autoMACS Pro Separator easily fits into a standard laminar flow hood or safety cabinet.


The autoMACS Pro Separator is compatible with more than 250 MACS Cell Separation Reagents for easy and fast isolation of virtually any cell type from any species.
Furthermore, the autoMACS Pro Separator enables cell sorting directly from whole blood or bone marrow without the need for density-gradient centrifugation or erythrocyte lysis.
The compatibility of MACS Technology with flow cytometry allows the use of the autoMACS Pro Separator as an alternative to flow sorting. Alternatively, the autoMACS Pro Separator can be used as a pre-sorter for speeding up flow sorting.


Figure 1

Figure 1
autoMACS® Pro Separator
autoMACS® Pro Separator

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Walkaway multisampling on the autoMACS Separator

Walkaway multisampling on the autoMACS Separator

The MiniSampler on the autoMACS Pro Separator allows up to 6 samples to be processed in a single batch - from rare cell isolation to isolation of abundant cells.

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Autolabeling on the autoMACS Pro Separator

Autolabeling on the autoMACS Pro Separator

The autoMACS Pro Separator performs fully automated sample labeling in a reliable and reproducible fashion. This offers you the convenience of walkaway sample processing. The autolabeling feature ensures reproducibility and consistent results.

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Cell separation from whole blood with the autoMACS Pro Separator.

Cell separation from whole blood with the autoMACS Pro Separator.

With the autoMACS Pro Separator and Whole Blood MicroBeads it is possible to isolate pure cell populations of interest from whole blood or bone marrow samples very easily within 30 minutes.

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autoMACS Pro Separator - Starter Kit

  • autoMACS Pro Separator Instrument
  • MACS MiniSampler
  • MACS Reagent Rack 4 (130-094-574)
  • Chill 5, 15, 50 Rack Set (130-097-038)
  • barcode reader
  • software
  • autoMACS® Columns (130-021-101)
  • 4×column substitute
  • autoMACS Pro Buffer Combination
  • User manual
  • short instructions
  • one-year warranty
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